There is such a thing as a ‘pro-choice’ Christian

            I was reading an article online the other day by Matt Walsh, who claims that it is not possible to be pro-choice on the matter of abortion and a Christian at the same time. According to Mr. Walsh, pro-choice and pro-life are two totally different viewpoints, X and Y if you will. He uses analogies such as the fact that a person cannot be a civil rights activist if the same person is an advocate for slavery at the same time. He also claims that a person’s viewpoint on one issue will be clarified by their stances on everything else. Therefore, if you believe in God, who Christians believe is the creator of all life who loves each of us (even unborn children) as his own children then you cannot be pro-choice, which advocates the rights of women to have abortions if they so choose. The title of that particular blog post is “There is no such thing as a “pro-choice” Christian.”

            First off, I would like to thank Mr. Walsh for telling us what Christians are allowed to believe in order to remain Christians. Your clarification is much appreciated.

            Secondly, he’s wrong.

            I know that this will probably generate a lot of controversy, but I am here to say that it IS possible to be a pro-choice Christian. I am a Christian and I am also pro-choice.  Matt Walsh may call me blasphemous and wicked, and if he chooses to then good for him. As a Christian I know that God knows the truth about me, and that if by some chance I am blasphemous and wicked that He will help me on a path to atone for my sins and that He will forgive me. Humanity is not perfect—people kill people every single day. Jesus Christ mounted the cross knowing the sins that each and every one of us will commit in our lives, and still gave his life so that we may be forgiven by the Father. I am a Christian even though I have sinned many, many times in the 24 years I have been alive, and I will remain a Christian until the end of time even though I will sin countless more times in my life. I try not to, but that is the human condition. We are Christian because we believe in God and Jesus’ sacrifice. We believe in forgiveness. Our beliefs do not change just because we choose to take a stance on a certain issue. Christianity is not about conformity. If that were the case, the Roman Catholic Church would still be the only Christian church in existence today. People can have radically different beliefs and still be Christian. Pro-choice believers can be just as religious as those who believe in pro-life. Just because I believe that women should be allowed to choose whether or not they should be allowed to have an abortion does not make me a killer or an evil person. In fact, I would have to say (modestly) that I am quite the opposite. I volunteer regularly at church, I use the manners my parents taught me, I’m kind and courteous to others, and I respect peoples’ opinions. I respect people in general. That is half the reason I am pro-choice, because I respect the mothers who are carrying the child and their right to do what they want with their own bodies without other people jumping in and telling them what to do with their bodies.

            The other half of the reason I am pro-choice is because I respect God. I am pro-choice because God is pro-choice.

            Indeed, if you believe what Christians believe, God is the giver of life and the one that planted the seeds of creation on planet Earth. However, He also gave us the gift of free will. I feel that it is really disrespectful when people say, “This is what God has planned for me,” or “This is what God wants me to do.” He gives us the choice to do what we please in life, and the option of any of countless paths to choose from. Each of us are our own individual person, born to lead our own lives and do what we feel we need to do. God is not our puppet master. He guides us, nurtures us and helps us but in the end it is our everyday choices that dictate what becomes of us. Evil exists only because God allows it, and evil exists because of the choices we make. If God did not want us to make our own choices then he would not give us the option. Instead of casting Adam and Eve out of the Garden as punishment for the very first sins he could have restarted everything so that mankind did not eat the fruit of the tree and damn humanity from then until the Rapture.

            What we, as Christians, have to remember is that this Earth is just a temporary stopping point in our eternal journey. God has a special place reserved for all of us, and just because the unborn children of abortion do not get to experience life on this Earth does not mean that they are barred from existence. This is NO WAY a means to justify the end, but I’m hoping that remembering that God will accept these babies and fetuses into the Kingdom of Heaven regardless of our own actions will bring a little comfort to the debate.

            Now, I could continue arguing my case for pro-choice all day long, as well as my own reasons for taking this particular side. I could argue that each person is entitled to their own bodies, and that I feel that it is sexist and an intrusion for others to say otherwise. I could also say that I feel that people should mind their own business and worry about their own problems before trying to start problems with other people, but I will leave it at this.

            I guess my overall point is that God is the real judge of who is Christian and who is not, and I think we all can guess on what His decision is. We are all God’s children, even if our beliefs are as varied as our many personalities. As long as we believe that God is our God and that Jesus himself died for the forgiveness of our sins then we are Christian, even if we are pro-choice. It does not matter what Matt Walsh says or how many Bible verses he recounts. Let God be the judge.

            I am a Christian, and I am PROUD of it. I am pro-choice, and I am proud of that, too.

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